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This model is a Bible 3d series model from Meshbox Design. The Bible 3D series brings ancient, world faith locations, objects and people to life so artists can create their own religious artwork.

Baal was a major northwest Semitic god, perhaps head of the pantheon of the Biblical Philistines and father to the god Dagon. A mystery surrounding the term Baal was that it was also a word that meant "Lord" and applied to several different gods. Very little is known about the worship of Baal, though this model is based on the temple in Palmyra, in modern Syria. The remains of the temple dedicated to Baal Shamin, the Semitic deity which resembles Bel is located to the northeast of the main Tetrapylon. It was first built in 17 AD but was further built and reconstructed in the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

Temple of Baal-Shamin for Blender Release Notes 23.08.29
Temple of Baal-Shamin for Blender 3.x (file BB35V107-BLD) was released August 29, 2023 to update the model to the 3.x format for use with Blender Cycles.

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