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I don't recognize a credit card charge. What happens if I initiate a charge back?

Sometimes you don't recognize charges on your credit card statement. Credit card issuers have a charge back system which places the process on hold and also initiates an investigation. It is a complicated, time consuming process and merchants are charged money for it - even if you initiate it by mistake.

Charges through Mirye Software appear on your statement as from 'PROACTIVE INTERNATIONAL' which is the parent company of Mirye Software.

It is incumbent upon you to know your purchasing. For this reason, our Terms of Service are very clear:

If Mirye Software or its parent company charges an order on your behalf that results in a charge back initiated by you, you agree to pay any charge back fee assessed to Mirye Software or its parent company. Even if the charge back is canceled later, you still will be assessed this fee (Mirye Software has to pay this fee even if the action is canceled). The minimum fee for a charge back is $35 plus the original charge. Mirye Software may terminate any licenses purchased through MIRYE or its parent company if any outstanding charge back remains unresolved.

We appreciate that mistakes can happen, but Mirye Software's parent company is stuck with this fee, so we have to pass this charge on to you.


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