1. Christopher Palestro
  3. Tuesday, October 24 2017, 05:43 AM
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Until now, I have used my Surface Pro 4 notebook for photo-editing. I have just returned to SP and a year of exploring capture one pro (yep, happily, I am back). I noticed that SP brings my laptop (which has 16GB or ram and is a i7 processor), to its knees. I presume this is because SP is actually processing the file, while capture one is working with low rez proxies.

I am building my photo editing machine, which will include an an AMD Radeon WX series graphics GPU. Does silkypix take advantage of GPUs to speed up processing?
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SILKYPIX doesn't make use of GPUs, however it is multi-core aware.

As it is implemented in SILKYPIX, certain functions get routed to other cores for processing, so you will benefit from more cores, especially if you are batch processing and having several intensive processes running.

Also, you should check to see if your CPU supports the AVX2 extensions. If your laptop is using the "Kaby Lake" chip set and running a 64 bit operating system, then it should be benefiting from it.
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