1. Christopher Palestro
  3. Monday, October 23 2017, 05:28 PM
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I have been a silkypix user for more than 10 years.

I have a wide-gamut color managed workflow. With other programs, the color working space is prophoto rgb, and I am able to create Tiff files that are ProPhotoRGB. This lets me get the best possible prints, as my printer exceeds adobe RGB. In silkypix, it appears my only option is adobeRGB, with a "conversion" to ProPhotoRGB option along the way. Questions:

1) What is the working color space for processing within silkypix, and how wide is it? Is it closer to AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB?

2) Is it possible to change the working color space?

3) If it the working space is only Adobe RGB, why have you decided to limit it where many professionals have printers and equipment that exceeds AdobeRGB (which is valuable for landscape photography and other types as well)

4) What is the purpose of enabling "conversion to ProPhotoRGB? Does this meant that I will have a tiff that includes color beyond adobeRGB (as I would with Capture 1 Pro or Photoshop), or just that you have placed an AdobeRGB processed file in a ProphotoRGB "container" for convenience only purposes.

Thank you.
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Using adobeRGB and exporting as a 16bit TIFF will give you a file that you can use in other applications like Photoshop.
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