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  3. Saturday, March 14 2015, 01:17 AM
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SILKYPIX lets you selectively remove objects from your photos by replacing objects with replacement pixels that naturally blend in with the rest of your photo.

Image Editors sometimes use a Stamp Tool to replace pixels, however SILKYPIX can utilize extensive data stored in your RAW image to ensure a better match with the rest of your photo. Since SILKYPIX Spotting Tools make use of SILKYPIX Development features, edits are non destructive.

What You Will Learn in this Tutorial

  • How to Open, Select and Save an Image for Development
  • How to Access Spotting Tools & Use Tool Effects
  • How to Access Online Help through Tool Tips
  • How to Use the Spotting Tool: Copy mode to Interactively Replace Pixels
  1. http://www.mirye.net/remove-unwanted-objects-with-silkypix-spotting-tools
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