1. Murray Bob
  3. Wednesday, January 11 2023, 01:51 PM
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I wanted to download SILKYPIX Developer Studio SE which came with my Lumix DC-ZS200 and should be free, how to I do that
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Hi Bob,

There are versions of SILKYPIX that are bundled with different cameras. Most of the downloads for these are available on the hardware maker website, however your version should be available from this link.

Most of these versions work only with your brand of camera, and won't work with other cameras (it depends on the version and relationship with the camera maker). SE versions generally have limited feature sets. You can upgrade with a discount to the full version of SILKYPIX DS Pro11.

To enable the OEM upgrade option, visit our support area and provide proof of ownership (a pic of your appropriate camera or the document that has your serial is enough). We can then activate your account so you can get the discount price.
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