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  3. Monday, October 05 2020, 04:12 PM
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Sourov Deb of the LesTreasureHunters website has created a substantial review of SILKYPIX DS Pro10 photography software. Check it out.

It’s worth your money. It is even the best software for editing if you use Fujifilm. Silkypix produces fantastic color, it possess multitude amount of tools to recover highlights, Noise Reduction is so good that I feel confident enough to use my old camera at 6400 ISO without stress.

Sourov Deb is a photographer and a former Coffee specialist who lived and worked in Australia for 11 years. He recently finished a trip around Europe in 100 days by traveling to 11 countries and 39 cities. He currently lives in a French Island called Reunion Island. His current projects are creating online courses, creating a photo-based documentary about European cities he visited and working as a freelancer with the local tourism board.
  1. https://lestreasurehunters.com/2020/10/04/silkypix-developer-studio-pro-10-review/
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