Shade 3D Standard includes all the features of Shade Basic plus a whole lot more. You gain more advanced content creation tools including Hair/Fur, powerful animation features including bones and skin animation with vertex blending, multipass / toon rendering, powerful extensibility with Python scripting and more. See the list to see what ADDITIONAL features are included.

Learn 3D

Shade 3D Standard provides tools any designer, illustrator or 3D content developer would want to create beautiful art and animation.

More Modeling
  • Path and Surface Replicators for creating model instances with variations
  • Shape plugins
  • Cut / Connect Curved Surfaces
  • Expanded selection and mesh editing tools
  • Hair and Fur creation tools
  • Non-Destructive Curved Surface Deformation
More Animation
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Smart IK
  • Motion Effects
  • Path Constraints
  • Bones & Skin
  • Vertex Blending
  • Weight Painting
  • Twist Deformer Joint
  • Shade Physics System / Particle Physics
More Rendering
  • MultiPass Rendering
  • Toon Rendering
  • GI + Path &
  • Photo Mapping
  • Illumination Quality Adjustment
More Lighting
  • Physical Sky
  • IBL (Image Based Lighting)
  • Shadow Mapping with Ray Tracing
  • Shadow Mapping with Path Tracing
More Effects
  • Material Effects (Fresnel Reflection, Anisotropic Reflection Rendering)
  • Volumetric Materials
  • Displacement Mapping
  • Post Processing Plugins
  • PSD and Adobe Illustrator Export
Full Python based scripting environment. Dynamic Plugin System.
Includes one node for network rendering, allowing you to speed up your renders with the help of another computer.
Render Size
Render your images up to 4000 x 4000 pixels in size.

Mirye Software thanks you for your interest in Shade 3D! Shade 3D is longer published by Mirye Software. However you can discuss Shade 3D with other Shade 3D users on the Shade 3D dedicated forum on Mirye Software.