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Raypunk Santa

$9.95 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox

Raypunk 1950s Science Fiction Santa for Poser & DAZ Studio

Raypunk Santa takes Toon Santa into outer space in an old fashioned 1950s style space suit and rocket pack. It also includes Raypunk Santa's rocket ship pajamas, for relaxing after a space flight.

This is the standalone version of this model without the other releases of Toon Santa. It still requires you to install Chunk 3D. This character has also been referred to as Toon Santa 17.

Toon Santa ™ for Chunk™ is the incredible Santa Claus character for use with Poser 9 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher. If you want to replicate some of the images displayed, you will need to use Poser 11 or higher and the SuperFly renderer.

Because Toon Santa is based on Chunk, all clothing is revised and removable, so you can switch and swap props and clothing easily. Raypunk Santa requires Chunk 3D, a free model. Instructions on how to download Chunk for free and other Toon Santa news is available on

Clothing & Props for Raypunk Santa

  • Raypunk Santa Space Coat
  • Raypunk Santa Space Pants
  • Raypunk Santa Space Gloves
  • Raypunk Santa Space Belt
  • Raypunk Santa Space Boots
  • Raypunk Santa Rocket Pajamas
  • Raypunk Santa Helmet
  • Raypunk Santa Rocket Pack
  • Raypunk Santa Rocket (for Rocket Pack)
  • Classic Fluffy Eyebrows
  • Classic Hair
  • Helmet Ready Beard

Poses for Raypunk Santa

  • Adjust Helmet
  • (Chunk) Holding Helmet
  • (Helmet) Holding Helmet
  • Heroic Fly
  • Jump
  • Moonwalk
  • Reset
  • Thumbs Up

Notes on Raypunk Santa

  • Raypunk Santa has a separate pose for Chunk and the Helmet for posing Raypunk Santa holding the helmet.
  • Raypunk Santa uses base texture maps that are compatible with both Poser 3D and DAZ Studio. If you want to duplicate the high quality red reflective surface, use the free GhostShip Poser 11SuperFly Uber Shader v3.

History of Toon Santa

Toon Santa ™ is the lovable 3D Santa Claus created in love and respect for holiday traditions. If you grew up in the 70's in North America, you probably spent some quality hours in December watching the Rankin/Bass stop motion classics such as the Christmas Television Favorites Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and a Year without a Santa Claus (and a selection of more religious programming). Toon Santa was designed to capture the pure and simple joy of that early holiday programming. Toon Santa was originally designed in 2002.

Toon Santa plays a role in support of NORAD TRACKS SANTA, the NORAD website devoted to tracking Santa Claus, with Meshbox Design as corporate contributor to the multinational project located at

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