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Halloween 07 Complete Edition

$49.00 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox
3D Format


Halloween 07 Complete Edition

Halloween 07 Volume 1 is a set of models based on legends and themes related to Halloween - both the historical holiday as experienced in America, but also the themes associated with the horror of the season.

Models in Halloween 07 Complete Edition

Included in this set:

  • HOV20701 - Gypsy Wagon
  • HOV20702 - Abandoned Train Car
  • HOV20703 - Round Barn and Tractor
  • HOV20704 - Vegetable Stand
  • HOV20705 - Creepy Crypt
  • HOV20706 - Abandoned House
  • HOV20707 - Covered Bridge and Crossings
  • HOV20708 - Witch House (bonus model)

Complete Edition Set

This is a Complete Edition Set. That means that you receive all seven publicly released models, plus a bonus eighth model that is nor purchasable separately. Purchasing Complete Editions works out to be a huge discount over purchasing each model in a set individually.

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