Violet the Halfling

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Violet the Halfling

Violet the Halfling is a Deep Halfling. She typifies Halfling beauty, with large eyes, a smiling mouth, and heavy hair that tends towards curling.

Violet the Halfling works with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4 or higher.

While Violet is based on the original Chunk3D model geometry, she is a completely standalone character. Most Chunk3D props and clothing should work on Violet, but compatibility isn't guaranteed.

Violet the Halfling Included Dials

  • 25 lip dials
  • 35 nose dials
  • 18 ear dials
  • 30 eye dials
  • 13 mouth dials

Violet the Halfling Included Clothes

  • Apron
  • Bodice
  • Dress
  • Violet the Halfling (nude)
  • Violet the Halfling
  • Satchel
  • Skirt

Violet the Halfling Included Props

  • hair 1 (long, dark)
  • hair 2 (short, curly)
  • basket,
  • mushrooms (4)
  • pouch

Violet the Halfling Included Poses

  • Asleep
  • Default (reset)
  • Sitting on Ground (base)
  • Sitting on Ground (Apron)
  • Sitting on Ground (Dress)
  • Halfling Jig Dance 1
  • Halfling Jig Dance 2
  • Opening Purse
  • Running
  • Sneaking
  • Spin
  • Walking

About Chunk™

Chunk is a FREE model from the new Toon People series from Meshbox Design. Chunk is both a new and old design. Chunk is a re-imagining of the core concept design of Toon Santa™. Although he is based on geometry from the free Chunk 3D character, you do not need Chunk3D in order to use Roy the Halfling.

About DungeonFolks™

Dungeonfolks is a series of 3D models based on popular fantasy tropes and the world's most popular role playing game.

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