Miskatonic University Volume 1 Complete Edition

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Miskatonic University Volume 1 Complete Edition

Get all eight publicly released models in Miskatonic University Volume 1. Miskatonic University Volume 1 is a series of buildings and their basements based on the stories of American horror writer H P Lovecraft and the university located in the fictional town of Arkham. Each building is completely furnished. Each basement contains additional treasures as well as a few horrific surprises.

  • MUL2V101 Wingate Library
  • MUL2V102 Wingate Library Basement
  • MUL2V103 Orne Museum
  • MUL2V104 Orne Museum Basement
  • MUL2V105 Peeslee School of Medicine
  • MUL2V106 Peeslee School of Medicine Basement
  • MUL2V107 Pickman Freshman Dorm
  • MUL2V108 Pickman Freshman Dorm Basement (BONUS MODEL)

Miskatonic University Volume 1 Complete Edition

You can select a version and receive all models in that format. The professional version is for developers that need access to the .max file and the right to generate models for use in real time playback games.

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