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Toon Hades is King of the Underworld of the Olympian gods and like Zeus is the child of Cronus and Rhea. Toon Hades for Meat works with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4 or higher and requires the male version of Meat 3D.

Toon Hades includes 23 textures including bump maps. A Poser MAT pose also switches Meat's default 'flesh' colored texture with Hade's grey dead texture. A special turbulence node in Hade's Beard (easily transferred to hair) can be linked to the normal and bump nodes of either, allowing greater versatility in the appearance of either.

Toon Hades Included Clothes

  • Hade's Cloak
  • Right and Left Sandals
  • Hade's Tunic

Toon Hades Included Props & Other Character Objects

  • Bident
  • Crown (as character)
  • Beard (as character)
  • Hair (as character)

Toon Hades Included Poses

  • Default (resets to T pose)
  • MAT Pose (Hades Body)
  • Aiming
  • At Ease
  • Hovering
  • Reclining
  • Threaten
  • Wrathful
  • You Will Not Pass

About Meat 3D™
Meat 3D is a FREE model from the new Toon People series from Meshbox Design.
About Middle Aged Gods™
Something is wrong in the heavens - gods aren't supposed to be fat, bald and - well - middle aged! But what do you expect when nobody believes in you any more?
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  4. http://www.toonpeople.com/2018/08/18/lord-of-the-underworld-olympian-greek-god-toon-hades-3d-model-now-available-for-poser-daz-studio/
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