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The Toon Santa Contest is back, and for a limited time! This year will mark the release of the 14th Toon Santa model, and the correct guess will win you a free Meshbox Model set valued at up to $49 and a free copy of SILKYPIX DS Pro9, which has a USSRP of $249!

AND THE POLLS ARE CLOSED! Thank you all for participating!

In fact this year, not only will Meshbox Design offer a free model set for the correct answer, there are two additional model sets available for the two additional ones that the Meshbox Design team likes the best. Just reply to this post with your answer before the end of the contest.


Here are the releases to date:

  • Secret Santa - Toon Santa 18. Secret Santa is a master of espionage and a party favorite. He has full spy garb in both traditional black and also Christmas green versions. He also has two wonderful Christmas sweaters underneath.
  • Raypunk Santa - Toon Santa 17. Raypunk Santa takes Toon Santa into outer space in an old fashioned 1950s style space suit and rocket pack. It also includes Raypunk Santa's rocket ship pajamas, for relaxing after a space flight.
  • Young Santa - Toon Santa 16. Before he was Santa Claus, Kris Kringle (or Young Santa) had many adventures in his youth. Young Santa is a free adventurer who travels through the Many Worlds that Are
  • Fedoraville Santa - Toon Santa 15. The googiest Santa yet is Fedoraville Santa, complete with a Santa-styled 1950s style suit.
  • Wild West Santa - Toon Santa 14. Is he traveling in time again, or is Wild West Santa going all country? Wild West Santa keeps traditional Santa colors, but comes complete with hat, vest and boots!
  • Chef Santa - Toon Santa 13. Someone's in the kitchen in the North Pole and it isn't Dinah! Chef Kringle is a new character and, like Gentleman Santa, looks enough like Santa that they can trade places when Santa wants to get in the kitchen to whip up a pizza.
  • Gentleman Santa - Toon Santa 12. Gentleman Santa is another disguise for Toon Santa, or so he thinks, by dressing up in Victorian era clothing! Gentleman Santa includes two distinct versions of clothing - with Christmas textures and with Gentleman textures. Easily transform Toon Santa into a brand new persona, such as Mayor of North Pole Village!
  • Father Christmas - Toon Santa 11. The British Santa! Father Christmas includes an all new outfit and props, with holly wreath hat, staff and throne.
  • Steampunk Santa - Toon Santa 10. Because you simply have to have a Steampunk Santa - last of the color themed Santas, this "Leather" Santa coes with a special new type of hair texture too, plus lots of great poses to work with various steampunk devices.
  • Ice Mountain Santa - Toon Santa 09. Light gray themed Ice Mountain Santa loves to visit the extra wintery Ice Mountain
  • Conductor Santa - Toon Santa 08. Dark blue themed Conductor Santa is always watching his watch, making sure the trains are running on time through Christmas Land.
  • King of the North Pole Santa - Toon Santa 07. Golden themed King of the North Pole Santa wears this alternative to his red outfit during casual court sessions in North Pole village. He doesn't often have to take up the mantle of King of the North Pole.
  • Classic Red Santa - Toon Santa 06. Classic Red Santa has been upgraded, improved and refined.
  1. https://mirye.net/meshbox-design/product/toon-santa-bundle-19
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Ben Vienerius Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
A Hawaï Santa. Police Santa. A scate Santa
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Liam Warden Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Halloween Santa
Ghost Santa
Spooky Santa
Alien Santa
Old School Santa (Green & Brown Suit)
Medieval Santa
Summer Santa
Futuristic Santa
Military Santa
Grinch Santa
Female Santa
Kris Kringle
Superhero Santa
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