1. Joel Lovell
  2. Shade 3D
  3. Thursday, February 02 2023, 01:45 PM
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Does anyone know of a way to purchase a licensed copy of an older version of Shade3D that can open shade files/scenes created in version 8? I need to be able to convert / export them to FBX or OBJ.
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You might want to check both Amazon and eBay if you are serious about getting an older version. How many models do you need to convert?

Shade3D has changed hands a few times. Shade 8 was an e-frontier version and was published in the USA by e-frontier America. Mirye handled Shade3D from versions 9 to 14. There was a Shade3D company that acquired Shade3D from e-frontier, and they started with 14.1.3, then sold it eventually to Forum8. Forum8 does have English speaking staff. Have you tried to contact them?
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