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Hockey Mask Slasher 1983 for Chunk is a toon horror add-on set for Toon People Chunk, the FREE toon model. Risen from the swamp but still working off the Halloween candy from last year, Hockey Mask Slasher 1983 for Chunk is in fact quite dangerous if you let him catch you. Hockey Mask Slasher 1983 for Chunk works with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher and requires Chunk.

Available here on Mirye Store and also on Renderosity.

Hockey Mask Slasher 1983 for Chunk Included Clothes

  • Blood stained Uniform
  • Blood stained Boots

Hockey Mask Slasher 1983 for Chunk Included Props

  • Hockey mask
  • One hand axe
  • Machete

Hockey Mask Slasher 1983 for Chunk Included Poses

  • !MAT Rotten Green Flesh + Red Eyes texture map
  • Default
  • Frighten
  • Hold Axe
  • Hold Machete
  • Maniac Happy
  • On Tiptoe
  • One Hand Machete
  • Run with Axe
  • With Machete
  • Hold Axe Left (Hand Pose)
  • Hold Axe Right (Hand Pose)
  • Hold Machete Left (Hand Pose)
  • Hold Machete Right (Hand Pose)
  • With Axe (Hand Pose)
  • With Machete (Hand Pose)





  1. https://mirye.net/meshbox-design/product/hockeymask-slasher-1983-for-chunk
  2. https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/hockey-mask-slasher-1983-for-chunk-for-poser/144897/
  3. http://posercontent.com/props-for-poser-and-daz-studio/hockey-mask-slasher-1983-for-chunk-for-poser
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