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Did you buy Shade 3D from the Mac App Store? If so, you should read this carefully.

The Mac App Store version of Shade 3D is different from the version of Shade 3D you purchase directly from Mirye Software. It is different because it has to conform to Apple's requirements for all Mac App Store applications. One example of this is sandboxing, which can limit where and how files are stored. Another example are the file size limits for applications.

Shade 3D from Mirye Software includes a full 2 GB + of content, and none of the restrictions of the Mac App Store version.

If you are experiencing some envy at this point, not to worry - if you purchased the Mac App Store version, you can upgrade for free to the full version. This includes all of the goodies mentioned above, a *real serial number* and also the ability to upgrade later to a higher level version of Shade 3D. Here is how you do it:

Log in here on the Mirye Software website
Fill in your User Profile on this site, including name, address, email, phone number (they are needed as a part of your software registration anyway)
At the bottom of this page, find the Support link and click it
Open a New Ticket, and for the category of your ticket, select Registration
In the notes field, say you want to upgrade your Mac App Store, and make the SUBJECT as Mac App Store Registration
Attach your proof of purchase
Submit your ticket

Important: Proof of Purchase should be an html receipt you received from Apple when you purchased Shade 3D. If you don't have it, then take a screenshot of your Mac App Store account where it shows your purchase. Contact us if you have any difficulty with this process.
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lucas Van de paer Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I did, but no respons on my Question. Keeps an open ticket?????
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Administrator Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
lucas Van de paer wrote:

I did, but no respons on my Question. Keeps an open ticket?????

We no longer sell Shade 3D, so we cannot issue new licenses. If you purchased Shade 3D through us directly, we an resend a serial number.
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